• Industry Specific Hardware

    Is tech and programming hard? We create the technical aspects of props, and you create the rest for your own room. Ardunio, Raspberry Pi, PLC, we do it all and make them compatible with out industry leading Game Master Software.

  • Control Room Setups

    Need the cables, accessories, video pieces and other hardware but have no idea where to start? Look no further. We stock (and ship worldwide) curated and battle tested items for your Escape Room, all of them plug and play for super easy installation.

  • ERM Compatible Sensors

    Door sensors, game end buttons, custom props and more all integrate seamlessly with our software. Want something custom? We stock parts to create most common items, and we can easily source and create anything else you may dream up!

Buy 4 HD Camera/2 Mic/DVR Complete Monitoring Package for Live Escape Games