4 HD Camera/2 Mic/DVR Complete Monitoring Package for Live Escape Games

Regular price $360.00

We worked directly with several huge manufacturers to bring you an all in one camera and audio system for your escape room. Tried and tested, these are all the components you need for an up to two room experience.

Includes the following

  • 8 Channel Video with 4 Channel Audio DVR System with power adapter
  • 4x 720P HD wide angle cameras with BNC connectors +100ft night vision (IR)
  • 2x ERM tuned mics
  • 4x 50ft runs of cable
  • Camera power pack (powers all 4 cameras)
  • Drywall mounting hardware (good 50lb anchors, not the sucky overseas stuff)
  • Ability to have two mics go to the same output for monitoring both rooms of a two room game through the same headset
  • Included headphone adapter