Escape Room Master Prop and Hardware Interface Controller V2

Regular price $199.00

Integrate your new or existing puzzles and props into the ERM software by adding a hardware interface controller. This controller will allow you to monitor up to 4 inputs, as well as control up to 4 outputs.

  • Inputs are opto-isolated and accept 5-24VDC to trigger.
  • Outputs can be jumpered to supply 12VDC directly, or open voltage
  • WS2812 dedicated output for lighting
  • On board audio controller with 3.5mm jack. Handles SD card loaded with audio for localized sounds. On board 3W amp for direct speaker attachment internally. Trigger audio to play remotely! (Volume adjustment internally)
  • DHCP enabled by default, can be set to STATIC IP
  • i2c Expansion Port for external timer add on and future expansion

In a single board, you can have a game start button, an end game input to stop the timer, localized audio output, maglock control, and puzzle over ride abilities!

Includes 12V 2A power supply.

CAT5 cable needed to connect the board to your router or switch.
All configuring is done over ethernet.